Aaron Hackett

Aaron was born in a pastor’s home. From an early age he heard the voice of God calling him into ministry even though he didn’t consciously receive Christ until he was 13. Since that time, both his educational and ministry experience have led him to this time and this leadership opportunity.
  • Favorite Food  - Butter Chicken
  • Favorite Snack  - Maple Bars
  • How Do You Like Your Coffee - 4 espresso shots in a cup... that's it!
  • Life Quote - "Change is inevitable, growth is optional" John Maxwell
  • Favorite Season - Summer
  • Childhood Nick Name - Let's not discuss this!
  • Best Childhood Memory - Can I name a two?
    • My mom teaching me about the "Doppler Effect
    • Going to coffee and music stores with my dad on Tuesdays
  • Do You Have A Hobby? - Yes, I love sound reinforcement and playing guitar - mostly tinkering with my pedal board.
  • Last, But Not Least... Life Verse Jeremiah 29:11