Pastors Aaron & Stella Hackett are affiliated with Ministers Fellowship International.

Ministers Fellowship International began as an organization in 1987 in response to a pressing need among pastors and leaders of independent churches for a sense of covering, accountability, identity and connection. MFI is not a fellowship of churches, it is a fellowship of ministers. This means that ministers of like vision and doctrine voluntarily associate themselves with other ministries for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, vision expansion, equipping and strength. There are three ways to touch the nations of the world. The first is to send cross-cultural missionaries into the foreign field, a second is to bring people and leaders from a particular nation to our nation for training and equipping. The third way, and MFI's vision, is by gathering and equipping pastors and leaders who are already functioning in national churches. Many of these pastors have had little or no training, are extremely isolated from other pastors and have had no one to mentor them. If these pastors can be helped, envisioned and equipped as well as provided ongoing relationship and spiritual support, they can and will do the work of extending God's Kingdom in their nation. WHY WALK ALONE... WHEN WE CAN STAND TOGETHER?