Stella Hackett

Stella is an amazing wife and mother. She is a true follower of Christ and loves to use her gifts of the musical arts and administration to serve those who God brings in her life. Stella has an Associates in Biblical Theology and a Music Minor and her main passion is to lead people in worship and write music.
  • Favorite Food - Bulgarian Food
  • That's very specific... why Bulgarian food? - I was born and raised in Bulgaria
  • Favorite Snack - Nutella
  • How Do You Like Your Coffee - iced toffee nut latte with whip / half the sugar!!!!
  • Life Quote - "CHOICE is the greatest freedom given to mankind... LOVE is the greatest choice a man can make!"
  • Favorite Season - Spring
  • Childhood Nick Name - Scruffy
  • Best Childhood Memory - Climbing Musala - the tallest peak in the Balkan Peninsula
  • Do You Have A Hobby? - Yes, Writing music and fishing
  • Last, But Not Least... Life Verse Psalm 1